MDCC Race Team – Jenny Corser wins Womens Westpoint Cat 4 Race

A great result for new MDCC member and racer Jenny Corser in her debut race. Here are her thoughts on her progression from beginner to her first race win and the race report – well done Jenny!

How to cycle your first race, a beginners perspective.

1. July 2015, purchase first ever road bike.

2. Do internet search to find best local cycling club.

3. Discover MDCC

4. Tentatively join very first road cycle, the Social ride on a Saturday, led by Caroline T. Thank-you. (Eat Cake.)

5. Discover the Tuesday, Thursday group. Thank-you KenR.

6. Nervously cycle with them. (No cake on those rides)

7. Cycle with the Sunday D, terrifying initially. (but lots of cake)

8 .Fall off bike.

9. Infiltrate the faster male only Thursday group- thank-you for letting me and the other ladies join.

10. Convince Thursday group to stop for cake at every opportunity.

11. Bike crash.

12. Cycle with C group. Thanks Craig. (More cake eaten)

13. Cycle with B group. (inhale inbibe, consume, devour cake at café stop)

14. Enter one small beginners race, Feb 2016. Very, very hesitantly and nervously and with lots of advice, over an Indian Curry in Newton Abbot from the female race team and the guys. Thanks.

15. Attempt to fit into a skin suit after all the cake.

16. Win race.

17.  Cake provided at the finish!

Race Report Westpoint 21 Feb 2016. Cat 4 Race.

I cycled my first race at Westpoint this Sunday. I had knots on my stomach I was so nervous, but was greatly helped by the kind advice and support from many club members.

There were some alternative opinions on whether to lead corners or stay back a bit or be just behind leaders , and how not to crash.

The training session in the lightening and hail storm that I attended at the Velopark certainly helped.

At the start I was pretty nervous about sitting behind others in corners so I led initially, then settled into the race pace somewhere near the front. I kept well off maximum as I didn’t know how much other people were saving in their tanks and wanted to make sure I could chase any breakaways, and have energy for the end.

I didn’t realise properly that the bell meant it was the last lap- I thought it meant one more lap, then the last lap. So I got boxed in, then decided I better sprint, in a somewhat late effort (as was saving a bit for what I thought was going to be the last lap). In the end I got across the line first- which felt incredible. I’m still smiling now, although somewhat nervously as its Hatherleigh, Primavera, this Sunday and I know that’s going to be a lot harder.

Thank-you everyone for all advice and support- women’s race team, and all the guys.

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