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Harry Jukes TT Results – 2 National Podiums

Harry Jukes has finished this years’ Time Trial season on a high! Harry from Praze-an-Beeble races for our Mid Devon Junior Race Team but has been, and still is, an avid member of the local youth club Wheal Velocity Cycling Academy.

On the 11th October Harry took part in the National Junior Closed Circuit TT Championships and this weekend on the 18th October he took part in the National Junior 25 Mile Circuit TT Championships, competing at both against the top riders in the country up to the age of 18.

The Closed Circuit Championships were held at the renowned Thruxtan Race Circuit. Riders are set off at minute intervals racing five laps of the circuit as fast as they can covering a distance of 11.7 miles with the fastest time winning. Harry recounts “This was a great event, being able to race on a closed circuit traffic free means you can put your head down and just focus on riding as fast as you can for the five laps, and being only 11.7 miles you basically just do that, however it’s a fine balance of keeping up maximum power and being able to maintain it for 25 minutes, its tough but great fun.” Harry put in a strong ride and managed a very respectable 18th overall against riders as much as 2 years his senior, but in the age 16 age category he raced into a brilliant 3rd place averaging 27.4mph and only missed out on 2nd by 10 seconds! “ I was really pleased with my performance, I gave it everything I had and couldn’t have done any more, I was over the moon with the result and so pleased all my hard work is starting to show in my results.”

The 25 mile Circuit Championships were held on the outskirts of Cambridge on an open road circuit. The riders again are set off at minute intervals and then have to ride two circuits of a road loop covering the 25 miles as fast as they can. Harry recounts “A 25 mile TT is a lot harder, you still need to go as fast as you can but need to keep it going for far longer. It’s all about finding the maximum power you can output but maintain, not enough and you are too slow, too much and you fade fast! It was a very tough course so it was never going to be near my fastest time, but I managed to pace it just right and kept a consistent power output and the heart rate just below the red line, I know I couldn’t have ridden it any faster.” With some of the older competitors not riding this weekend Harry was able to take a brilliant 8th place overall, but in the age 16 category was able to take revenge on the rider he lost out too at last weeks Championships and this time take the second place with an average speed of 26.5mph. “I can’t believe how well the last two races of the season have gone and I am obviously chuffed to bits, and I can’t wait for next season to take it to the next level. I also wanted to say a huge thank you for all the help, support and encouragement I have received over the last few years from Wheal Velocity Cycling Academy, Giant Store Helston and Camborne Science and International Academy.”

MDCC Membership

Mid Devon Club Runs Rule of 6

Message to Prospective New Members:

We now require all rides, maximum of 6, to sign up by 2000h on the Saturday eve before the Sunday ride. We have always allowed 1 or 2 ‘trial rides’ before you have to join. We want to continue with that but with ‘The Rule of 6’ we have to be careful. PLEASE DO NOT JUST TURN UP.

We now have a sign on sheet which we are not making public so you’ll need to fill in the form below to sign in for your trial ride. We’ll then advise you via email what to do on the day.

Please have a look at this link and advise which ride you would like to join:

MDCC Membership

Mid Devon Cycling Club @ 90

Last Sunday, 31st May, Mid Devon Cycling Club would have held it’s 90th Birthday Celebration with members and their families choosing to ride a 90 mile, 90k or 90 minute route all arriving back at Teigngrace in the afternoon where there would have been a BBQ and large cake. What a glorious occasion it would have been as well with near perfect weather, just a little on the hot side so needing plenty of liquid in board.

In addition the club intended having had a commemorative 90th Birthday polo shirt. That opportunity has not been lost and has now been linked into the near £5000 fundraising and provision of skin cream that the club has provided to our two district hospitals in Torbay and Exeter and all surgeries and some care homes in the Teignbridge and Torbay districts.

So how did it all begin?

Early one Sunday morning in April 1930 three cyclists were climbing out of Chudleigh and up the long slopes of Haldon Hill to join the Exeter Wheeler’s club run. One made the casual remark “Why can’t we form a club in Newton Abbot and save us from this hill every week?”  From this question it can be said that the Mid Devon club was formed.  The three pioneers were Fred Bolt, Charlie Phillips and “Bill” Best.

A meeting to be called on May 14th 1930 at which the club was formed – with 17 members – under its original name of the Newton Abbot Wheelers.  The very first club run was to Berry Head on 18th May 1930 and the first club road time trial was a 10 mile event held on 1st June of that year, won by “Dick” Lake in 29mins 20 secs.  

In 1936 the club’s name was changed to “Mid Devon Road Club”. A name that was to last until the mid-2000s when the slight change to Mid Devon Cycling Club was made, to reflect the wider cycling interest of the club’s members.

Now 90 years later, we boast over 500 members and in normal circumstances would have 8 club runs now leaving Abbrook Park each Sunday morning, with often close to 100 riders in attendance.  Those 90 years have seen many successes, with the club boasting 5 former-national champions, Colin Lewis (National Pro Road Champion twice and now Club President, still riding very regularly in his 70s), Jeremy Hunt (National Junior Road Champion and twice National Pro Road Champion), Yanto Barker (National Junior Road Champion) and Roy Hopkins and Mike Parker (both National Veterans’ Road Champions).  Both Colin and Jeremy have also competed in the Tour de France – the very pinnacle of the sport.

Harrison Wood receiving the Presidents Trophy from Colin Lewis at this year’s AGM & Prizegiving Night.

Club Chairman, Liam McGrath adds: “Nowadays we share enjoyment of our sport with the likes of Ken Robertson, 83 years of age and Club Vice President, he is to be seen leading a group ride most weekends, At the other end of the spectrum we enjoy hearing about the exploits of our latest semi professional protege, 20 year old Harrison Wood who is a member of a Dutch Under 23 racing team ‘SEG Race Academy,’ competing regularly in international events across Europe and aspiring to participate in the Tour de France one day.”

Roy Hopkins – Life Member pictured after winning the National Veterans Championship, late 70s/early 80s.

The Club enjoys a status as one of the UK’s leading cycling clubs and has consistently promoted road races, time trials and other cycling activities, including several national championships.  Since 2007, the club has also promoted the Dartmoor Classic cyclo-sportive, voted by readers of Cycling Weekly as the nation’s favourite sportives, and attracting 4,000 entrants each year to tackle Dartmoor’s rugged terrain.

Mid Devon Cycle Club is a community resource giving open access, supporting and promoting cycling for all, across a wide range of cycling activities to people in Devon and beyond.  The club is a ‘Club Mark’ accredited club and : –

  • Offers substantial physical and emotional health benefits including a broad social programme 
  • Nurtures diversity
  • Provides coaching, funding and facilities to aspiring competitive cyclists at the Torbay Velo park and a full range of alternative cycling based activities at its various sites in Devon to suit all types of riders
  • Contributes to improvement of the environment by influencing positive change.

Over the next 90 years the MDCC intends to be an exemplar of a modern and progressive community Sports Organisation; a centre of excellence unlocking the potential of all its members and providing opportunity for fun and good mental and physical wellbeing.

Club Vice President Ken Robertson, taken recently – still riding many miles and organising races.
MDCC Membership

MDCC Mission Statement –

MDCC Mission Statement –


Mid Devon Cycle Club is a community resource giving open access, supporting and promoting cycling for all, across a wide range of cycling activities to people in Devon and beyond.  The club: –

  • Offers substantial physical and emotional health benefits including a broad social programme 
  • Nurtures diversity
  • Provides coaching, funding and facilities to aspiring competitive cyclists 
  • Contributes to improvement of the environment by influencing positive change.

MDCC Vision Statement


Mid Devon Cycling Club will be an exemplar of a modern and progressive community Sports Organisation; a centre of excellence unlocking the potential of all its members and providing opportunity for fun and good mental and physical wellbeing.

Mid Devon Cycle Club will: –

  • Secure growth in numbers and breadth of cycling activity whilst exhibiting commitment to its proud roots of competitive cycling 
  • Coach and develop future champions
  • Build an expanding portfolio of activity to attract a broader community of interest and enable greater participation 
  • Provide an improved rewards and recognition process. 
  • Continue its commitment to its Dartmoor Classic Sportive enabling contribution to relevant local charitable concerns and to the infrastructure needed for development of its aims and of a growth in community hubs in the local area. 
  • Host national standard cycling events that will be part of the building of MDCC as a recognised leading cycling club in the national context.
  • Expand its network of influence across community organisations to bring about positive changes in attitude towards cycling and cyclists in every aspect of society. 
  • Lobby for suitable engineering and construction work to accommodate the increasing importance of cycling as a means for transportation. 
  • Contribute to the improvement of the environment by influencing positive change.
MDCC Membership

MDCC Covid Update – Skin Deep – Cream for Carers

Mid Devon Cycling Club(MDCC) has upwards of 30 members working in front line roles helping Covid 19 patients. This ranges from the 2 large area hospitals through to GP practices and Care Homes.

MDCC has fund raised £3000 from it’s members to respond to the fact that the heavy use of PPE, constant hand washing and sanitiser use is significantly degrading people’s skin.Starting from Tuesday 14th April we have found the national manufacturer of the cream recommended by the Dermatology departments and forged a partnership with them.

This has led to the first consignments of Cetraben cream arriving at Torbay General and the RD & E within 3 days!(Pictures attached) Thornton & Ross Pharmaceuticals and especially their Director of Marketing, Janet Maclean have been utterly brilliant in working with us and also adding £500 of stock as a donation to our cause.

We now work with their regional Sales Manager, Dawn Munn, who lives in Tiverton and who has organised the supply chain through existing links, a wholesaler in Paignton and onto a Pharmacy in Bampton. Not only have they solved the supply chain problem but they have negotiated a £5.75 price per 200ml unit cf high street price of £7.99 so have ensured our efforts go that much further. We cannot thank the company and their staff enough.

One of members, Sarah Hall, is a Lead Nurse Practitioner across Devon and she has highlighted that there are other frontline staff working in the new ‘Hot Sites’ Covid Primary Care Hubs such as the one established at the Cricketfield Surgery in Newton Abbot and many GP practices that are also working directly with Covid patients.
Sarah said: “these are being set up in the community to see people who are COVID19 positive but still need to see a nurse or doctor but not so ill that they need a hospital”.

We would not be able to supply all these outlets from within the club which is why we have now just launched a Crowdfunding Appeal under the title ‘Skin Deep’ Cream 4 Carers which is aimed across the whole of Teignbridge and Torbay.

We would be delighted if the wider community would join us and donate via our page as below so we can reach as many carers as possible. Every penny will go to frontline staff.

Our Crowdfunding started with a modest target of £600 to buy 100 units of the cream but having reached 40% within a short time we hope to buy many more. 

Our own fundraising has secured nearly 1000 units of the cream.

Photos from the RD&E taken Friday 17th April 2020

MDCC Membership

Covid-19, Coronavirus update from Club Chairman

Monday 16th March – Covid-19, Coronavirus

The MDCC Committee met this evening, sitting at separate tables. Subsequent meetings will be held using Skype for the foreseeable future.

The major issue was of course the Coronavirus and our club response, in particular following the announcements from the Prime Minister at 1645 hours this evening.

The Committee have listened very carefully to the understandable expectation from Government, for actions not to be enforced at this stage, but taken with personal and social responsibility.

We are a club with a strong reputation and wish to conform to Government guidance, not just for compliance’ sake but also to demonstrate social responsibility with a determination to protect the health and wellbeing of members, many of whom are in the vulnerable age group, and also all people we might encounter during normal club activity.

To this end the Committee have decided

· All MDCC group rides should cease, including, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday Spin and Sunday rides.

· Abbrook should not be used as a meeting place where we are seen to gather in groups

· The MDCC stops attending Cafes in groups

· Members are asked not to wear identifiable MDCC kit when riding for fitness (suggested maximum is 4 people)

· All organised club activities for the foreseeable future are cancelled or postponed

We are not stopping members from riding their bikes, we are saying this should be carried out in a way which promotes social responsibility and attracts least likelihood of complaint from concerned members of the public.

These steps will of course be subject to constant review and we will maintain contact with MDCC members on a regular basis.

As a strong community of interest we have a network which can and should support members where need is identified. Jane Taylor has volunteered to be co-ordinator of the MDCC Support Network and will act upon any and all personal messages received.

You may find the Government advice in the attached link is helpful.

Liam McGrath – Mid Devon CC Chairman

MDCC Road Racing Youth

The circuit season has arrived after several races being cancelled due to bad weather. Mid Devon Raced at two different venues on Saturday.


7 riders headed off to Wheal Jane in windy but dry conditions.  Maddy Woodger under 10’s started her season bottom of her new age group but managed a podium place coming in 3rd. 


Bayley Woodger under 12 started his road campaign in his new age group feeling under the weather but managed a great 2nd place.


Grace Ward started her first ever circuit race showing her strength and versatility across the different disciplines by winning the under 14’s girls.

Grace, Bayley and Noah

Noah Thomas under 14’s had a good strong race after having a break from racing for 10 months by finishing 3rd brother Jake Thomas under 16 also enjoyed a good comeback race by coming in 2nd.

1st year Junior Harry Jukes claimed his first podium in his first race as a senior in cat 3/4 race coming 2nd. 


Jason Kettle enjoyed a good start to the year with a win in the masters category. 

This was a great opening race for these riders all making the podiums in their age groups. 

Odd Down

Two under 16’s Callum Start and Ruben Heal went to Odd Down for the 1st round of the South series with a very strong field  of 35. Riders saw a fast pace set with both lads attacking off the front, Reuben was away for nearly two laps whilst Callum sat at the front and limited any other attacks. It all went down to the last lap and on the second to last corner Reuben was in a crash, whilst Callum contested the long sprint and got 8th. Reuben is ok and will be ready to go again next week. 

Odd down

Next week we see the South and the South West series coming to Torbay Velopark on Saturday for a stage race stating at 10:30 with all age groups included, we are expecting a good Mid Devon turn out. 

On Sunday will see the clubs MTB riders take on the first round of the South West xc MTB series.


Primavera Road Races – Sun 23rd Feb 2020

These races are the traditional start to the SW road racing season. It is an ideal opportunity to stretch the legs on rolling Devon roads – not too long but long enough to see if the winter training has been working.

The races this year are restricted to men. Both races will follow the A3072 for 6 miles and then onto the 11.5 mile Halwill Junction circuit. E/1/2/3 will do 1 more lap than 3 & 4. Both races will return to Hatherleigh and finish at the northern end of the Hatheleigh by-pass.

Enter here:

MDCC Offroad

Robin Delve Cyclocross Season update

National trophy series…5 rounds..3500 miles..5 overnights.

Podium at each round including 2 wins…and overall series winner!!

European cyclocross championships Venice….silver 2nd place!! 8 day trip!!

Worlds in Mol..10th place.

 South west champion Taunton.

Will attend both British Masters championships in the midlands and BC national championships at Shrewsbury. 

First national title for me at any level!!

MDCC Offroad

National Trophy Series – Killer and Jackie Season Update

We have just been to the last race in the National Trophy Series. This journey of 6 races started in September and led us to Derby, Irvine (Scotland), Milnthorpe, York, Crawley and the nearest race being Pembrey in Carmarthenshire Wales! Each race meant an overnight stay as it was impossible to get there on the day.

We both race in the Women Vet 50 category and are the only club represented by two, and sometimes three (Nikki Quant also) club members. The season started on a flatish dry course and finished in challenging cold, sleet and mud where a lot of running was essential. Both of us have had our own goals, but for both of us we wanted to try and race at every round which we did.

Killer’s Season so far:           

  Having had a shoulder operation in March and then being of my bike for what seemed like an eternity, and then, on my first ride back off road I fell and sustained a fractured wrist; my first race was an eye opener to the pace of racing again, and I had set myself no other target than to finish. In the National Trophy series race 1, I was therefore pleased with a 5th place and no real mishaps. The season took off after that and I then had a third place and a podium and have followed this with four 2nd places which resulted in finishing the Series in Silver medal position. I also achieved the Leaders jersey going into the 5th race which I was very proud of. In the South West Championship I was 1st in the FV 50 category but was also pleased to finish 2nd female overall.               

Jackie’s Round Up

This season I decided to commit to the National Trophy Series and competed in all 6 rounds. I set myself a target of a top 10 finish and I managed 6th overall so I was really pleased. I have also competed in the South West CX league and so far have managed to have a 1st place, three 2nd places and three 3rd places, managing to be on the podium at every round       


There is one more National race left in January which is the National Championships in Shrewsbury where we will both have our challenges and targets.

We wish to thank the club for their continued support and hope that in return we have two women representing the club, racing in our club colours at a top level. We both hope that it can help to inspire other women in the club and encourage them to get involved in cyclocross and even enter a race or two.

Killer and Jackie