2024 – Totnes Vire Race Report

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Stage 1 | Ken Robertson Ruby Country TT

The opening stage of the Totnes Vire stage race, a challenging 14km individual time trial, saw Charlie Meredith of Mid Devon CC secure a decisive victory. Meredith, a former SwiftCarbon Pro Cycling and Zappi Racing rider, showcased his prowess on the rolling point-to-point course, which featured 217 meters of climbing. His impressive time of 19 minutes and 9 seconds set the benchmark for the competition.

Recent Bec CC road race winner Gabe Dellar of the Stolen Goat RT claimed the second spot, finishing 28 seconds behind Meredith with a time of 19 minutes and 37 seconds. Dellar’s teammate, Thomas Heal, secured the third position with a time of 19 minutes and 49 seconds, making it a strong showing for the Stolen Goat Race Team.

Meredith in yellow. Image: Mike Gratton

Oscar Hutchings from Schils – Doltcini Racing Team crossed the line in fourth place with a time of 19 minutes and 58 seconds, closely followed by Edward Calow of the UK Armed Forces Team, who completed the course in 20 minutes and 4 seconds. Josh Housley of HUUB BCC Race Team took sixth place, clocking in at 20 minutes and 16 seconds.

Meredith’s stellar performance on this demanding course gave him an early lead in the race ahead of stage 2.

Stage 2 | Roy Hopkins Dartmoor View Road Race

In an exhilarating second stage of the Totnes Vire, Gabe Dellar of Stolen Goat RT showcased strategic brilliance and raw power to seize victory and the yellow jersey, edging out his rivals by 11 seconds.

The race began in a relatively subdued manner, with the peloton maintaining a steady pace. However, it wasn’t long before Josh Housley (HUUB BCC RT) and Edward Calow (UK Armed Forces Team) launched an early breakaway, gaining a substantial lead of over two minutes.

Image: Chris Godfrey

Despite both riders being serious contenders for the general classification, the main group seemed content to let them go, setting the stage for an intriguing tactical battle.

As the race progressed, Stolen Goat RT, along with the team of the yellow jersey, Mid Devon CC, recognised the danger posed by the breakaway. The chase began in earnest, marked by a series of aggressive attacks. Dellar, alongside teammate Tom Heal, who was sitting third in the GC, orchestrated a move that successfully bridged the gap to the leading duo, forming a six-man lead group.

Image: Chris Godfrey

Despite their efforts, the newly formed lead group struggled to build a cohesive rhythm, never extending their advantage beyond a minute. Their lack of coordination allowed Meredith, the race leader, to demonstrate his formidable strength. Virtually singlehandedly, Meredith reeled in the breakaway within a lap and a half, nullifying their advantage with an impressive display of endurance and tenacity.

Sensing an opportunity as the final lap approached, Dellar executed a perfectly timed attack on one of the course’s sharp climbs. His move caught the exhausted peloton off guard, and he quickly gained a decisive separation. With approximately 15 minutes of racing remaining, Dellar powered through the course solo, maintaining his lead to the finish line.

Crossing the line first, Dellar not only claimed the stage victory but also donned the coveted yellow jersey, positioning his team advantageously for the final day of racing.

Image: Chris Godfrey

“We’ve by no means sealed the GC,” Dellar told The British Continental post-race, “But we’ve put our team into a good position for tomorrow,”

As the Totnes Vire stage race heads into day two, all eyes will be on Dellar and Stolen Goat RT, as they aim to defend their lead against a determined field.


Stage 1

PosBibFirst NameLast NameTeamTime
135CharlieMeredithMid Devon CC00:19:09
24GabrielDellarStolen Goat Race Team00:19:37
38ThomasHealStolen Goat Race Team00:19:49
412OscarHutchingsSchils – Doltcini Racing Team00:19:58
515EdwardCalowUK Armed Forces Team00:20:04
69JoshHousleyHUUB BCC Race Team00:20:16
711OliverHurdleStolen Goat Race Team00:20:21
96RossFawcettStolen Goat Race Team00:20:39
1123JamesPearcyMid Devon CC00:20:45
122NickMakinMid Devon CC00:20:48
1314SteveLampierKernow Racing Team00:20:50
1425CallumSladeStolen Goat Race Team00:20:59
1631FelixWhetterSN Vitae Huub p/b BimBam Coaching00:21:04
191TobiasBartlettDoddington Cycling Club00:21:12
2024ThomasReynoldsUK Armed Forces Team00:21:21
2132GeorgeWhitlockMud Dock Racing00:21:21
2329GeorgeWatchMid Devon CC00:21:31
2418BenMeekMid Devon CC00:21:34
2626StephenSwindleyUK Armed Forces Team00:21:39
2720ThomasMunnMud Dock Racing00:21:41
283AdamChilversUK Armed Forces Team00:21:51
2910ChrisHowarthUK Armed Forces Team00:21:55
3128OliverWadeKSV Deerlijk VZW00:22:02
3234JamesBevanUK Armed Forces Team00:22:27
3316OlivierManghamRichardsons Trek DAS00:22:43
3413JamesCoatesUK Armed Forces Team00:23:29
3530FinlayWebbExeter Wheelers00:23:39

Stage 2

PosBibFirst NameLast NameTeamTime
14GabrielDellarStolen Goat Race Team02:30:21
434JamesBevanUK Armed Forces Team02:30:45
618BenMeekMid Devon CC02:30:45
71TobiasBartlettDoddington Cycling Club02:30:45
825CallumSladeStolen Goat Race Team02:30:45
931FelixWhetterSN Vitae Huub p/b BimBam Coaching02:30:45
1014SteveLampierKernow Racing Team02:30:45
1135CharlieMeredithMid Devon CC02:30:45
1332GeorgeWhitlockMud Dock Racing02:30:45
1429GeorgeWatchMid Devon CC02:30:45
1523JamesPearcyMid Devon CC02:30:45
1628OliverWadeKSV Deerlijk VZW02:30:45
188ThomasHealStolen Goat Race Team02:30:45
1912OscarHutchingsSchils – Doltcini Racing Team02:30:45
216RossFawcettStolen Goat Race Team02:30:51
229JoshHousleyHUUB BCC Race Team02:30:51
2315EdwardCalowUK Armed Forces Team02:30:51
2511OliverHurdleStolen Goat Race Team02:30:54
2620ThomasMunnMud Dock Racing02:30:57
2713JamesCoatesUK Armed Forces Team02:34:00
283AdamChilversUK Armed Forces Team02:34:00
2924ThomasReynoldsUK Armed Forces Team02:34:07
DNF2NickMakinMid Devon CC03:07:40
DNF26StephenSwindleyUK Armed Forces Team03:07:40
DNF10ChrisHowarthUK Armed Forces Team03:07:40
DNF16OlivierManghamRichardsons Trek DASDNF
DNF30FinlayWebbExeter Wheelers03:07:40


Stage 3 | Oddicombe Hill Climb

On stage 3 of the Totnes Vire, riders faced a demanding short yet steep hill climb from Oddicombe Beach up to Babbacombe Downs Road. The scenic but gruelling route featured double-digit gradients, a leg-sapping ordeal for even the most hardened hill climbers.

Gabe Dellar. Image: Robin Steward

Gabe Dellar of Stolen Goat Race Team showcased his climbing prowess, conquering the ascent with a excellent time of 1 minute and 59 seconds. Dellar’s victory was hard-fought, as he narrowly edged out his closest general classification rival, Charlie Meredith from Mid Devon CC, by just one second. Meredith clocked a time of 2 minutes flat, pushing Dellar to his limits in a tense uphill battle.

Ben Millar of Primera-TeamJobs took third place, finishing with a time of 2 minutes and 1 second. Thomas Heal, another member of the Stolen Goat Race Team, finished in fourth place with a time of 2 minutes and 8 seconds.

Charlie Meredith. Image: Robin Steward

Dellar’s stage win solidified his lead in the general classification, extending his advantage to 12 seconds over Meredith, his 15 second time bonus for winning stage 2 making all the difference in the overall standings.

Stage 4 | Colin Lewis Velopark Criterium

Nick Makin Triumphs in Stage 4 of Totnes Vire, Gabe Dellar Secures Overall Victory

The final stage concluded in dramatic fashion as Nick Makin of Mid Devon CC claimed victory in the criterium at Torbay Velopark. Despite the stage win, it was Dellar who emerged as the overall race winner, defending his slender lead to secure the general classification title.

Image: Martin Smith

Makin, an 18-year-old talent from Cornwall, had earmarked this stage as his primary focus for the weekend. Reflecting on his pre-race strategy, Makin shared, “I knew before the weekend that stage 4 was the one I wanted to focus on. I came into the weekend with good form after a couple races in Belgium and France.” His strategy materialised perfectly as he managed to bridge over to an early move initiated by Tobias Bartlett of Doddington CC. The duo worked seamlessly to establish a significant gap, only for Bartlett to suffer a tyre mishap, leaving Makin solo for the final laps. Makin’s perseverance paid off, and he crossed the finish line with a commanding lead, securing a 15-second time bonus.

Meanwhile, Dellar entered the stage with a precarious 12-second advantage over Charlie Meredith of Mid Devon CC. With the possibility of bonus seconds up for grabs, the final GC standings were far from settled. Dellar’s race account highlighted his tactical approach: “Ideally we wanted a break of three-ish to go who didn’t pose a GC threat to take the bonus seconds available,” he told The British Continental. As the race unfolded, Dellar’s team controlled the pace efficiently, neutralising attacks and ensuring the breakaway remained within reach.

Bartlett and Makin on the attack. Image: Martin Smith

Meredith, a consistent threat throughout the race, made several attempts to break free but was repeatedly marked by Dellar’s teammates. In the closing stages, Meredith launched another attack, but Dellar’s team responded effectively. With a lap and a half remaining, Dellar increased the pace to discourage further attacks, setting up a sprint finish.

Meredith won the bunch sprint, earning him a 10-second time bonus, while Dellar finished closely behind, ensuring no additional time gap. This result left Dellar with a slender 2-second margin over Meredith in the final GC standings, enough to claim the overall victory. Dellar credited his team for their relentless efforts, stating, “At no point during the race could we relax but in the end it worked out, we played the race great as a team.”

Image: Martin Smith

With his victory, Makin showcased his promising form ahead of the junior national championships, while Dellar’s overall win was a testament to his strategic acumen and the unwavering support of his team, ensuring a memorable conclusion to the Totnes Vire stage race.


Stage 3

Pos#First NameLast NameTeamStage 3 TimeGC Time
14GabrielDellarStolen Goat Race Team00:01:5902:51:42
235CharlieMeredithMid Devon CC00:02:0002:51:54
48ThomasHealStolen Goat Race Team00:02:0802:52:42
79JoshHousleyHUUB BCC Race Team00:02:1302:53:20
912OscarHutchingsSchils – Doltcini Racing Team00:02:1402:52:57
1011OliverHurdleStolen Goat Race Team00:02:1802:53:33
1129GeorgeWatchMid Devon CC00:02:1802:54:34
1215EdwardCalowUK Armed Forces Team00:02:1902:53:14
136RossFawcettStolen Goat Race Team00:02:2002:53:50
1513JamesCoatesUK Armed Forces Team00:02:2002:59:49
1728OliverWadeKSV Deerlijk VZW00:02:2002:55:07
1823JamesPearcyMid Devon CC00:02:2202:53:52
1932GeorgeWhitlockMud Dock Racing00:02:2302:54:29
2031FelixWhetterSN Vitae Huub p/b BimBam Coaching00:02:2502:54:14
2118BenMeekMid Devon CC00:02:2602:54:45
2314SteveLampierKernow Racing Team00:02:2802:54:03
2420ThomasMunnMud Dock Racing00:02:2802:55:06
2610ChrisHowarthUK Armed Forces Team00:02:3003:32:05
2725CallumSladeStolen Goat Race Team00:02:3302:54:17
282NickMakinMid Devon CC00:02:3403:31:02
2934JamesBevanUK Armed Forces Team00:02:3402:55:46
3026StephenSwindleyUK Armed Forces Team00:02:4103:32:00
311TobiasBartlettDoddington Cycling Club00:02:4302:54:40
3224ThomasReynoldsUK Armed Forces Team00:02:4402:58:12
333AdamChilversUK Armed Forces Team00:02:4902:58:40
3430FinlayWebbExeter Wheelers00:02:5403:34:13

Stage 4

Pos#First NameLast NameTeamStage 4 TimeBonus
12NickMakinMid Devon CC01:29:0000:00:15
235CharlieMeredithMid Devon CC01:29:4900:00:10
334JamesBevanUK Armed Forces Team01:29:4900:00:05
49JoshHousleyHUUB BCC Race Team01:29:49
54GabrielDellarStolen Goat Race Team01:29:49
626StephenSwindleyUK Armed Forces Team01:29:49
714SteveLampierKernow Racing Team01:29:49
812OscarHutchingsSchils – Doltcini Racing Team01:29:49
96RossFawcettStolen Goat Race Team01:29:49
1018BenMeekMid Devon CC01:29:49
1231FelixWhetterSN Vitae Huub p/b BimBam Coaching01:29:49
138ThomasHealStolen Goat Race Team01:29:49
1623JamesPearcyMid Devon CC01:29:49
1924ThomasReynoldsUK Armed Forces Team01:29:49
2032GeorgeWhitlockMud Dock Racing01:29:49
2128OliverWadeKSV Deerlijk VZW01:29:49
2213JamesCoatesUK Armed Forces Team01:29:49
2315EdwardCalowUK Armed Forces Team01:29:49
2729GeorgeWatchMid Devon CC01:29:49
2820ThomasMunnMud Dock Racing01:29:49
2911OliverHurdleStolen Goat Race Team01:29:49
3025CallumSladeStolen Goat Race Team01:29:49
313AdamChilversUK Armed Forces Team01:29:49
3210ChrisHowarthUK Armed Forces Team01:29:49
DNF1TobiasBartlettDoddington Cycling Club01:31:49
DNF30FinlayWebbExeter Wheelers01:31:49

General classification

Pos#First NameLast NameTeamFinal GC Time
14GabrielDellarStolen Goat Race Team04:21:31
235CharlieMeredithMid Devon CC04:21:33
38ThomasHealStolen Goat Race Team04:22:31
412OscarHutchingsSchils – Doltcini Racing Team04:22:46
515EdwardCalowUK Armed Forces Team04:23:03
69JoshHousleyHUUB BCC Race Team04:23:09
811OliverHurdleStolen Goat Race Team04:23:22
106RossFawcettStolen Goat Race Team04:23:39
1123JamesPearcyMid Devon CC04:23:41
1314SteveLampierKernow Racing Team04:23:52
1531FelixWhetterSN Vitae Huub p/b BimBam Coaching04:24:03
1625CallumSladeStolen Goat Race Team04:24:06
1832GeorgeWhitlockMud Dock Racing04:24:18
2029GeorgeWatchMid Devon CC04:24:23
2118BenMeekMid Devon CC04:24:34
2220ThomasMunnMud Dock Racing04:24:55
2328OliverWadeKSV Deerlijk VZW04:24:56
2534JamesBevanUK Armed Forces Team04:25:30
261TobiasBartlettDoddington Cycling Club04:26:29
2724ThomasReynoldsUK Armed Forces Team04:28:01
283AdamChilversUK Armed Forces Team04:28:29
2913JamesCoatesUK Armed Forces Team04:29:38
312NickMakinMid Devon CC04:59:47
3226StephenSwindleyUK Armed Forces Team05:01:49
3310ChrisHowarthUK Armed Forces Team05:01:54
3430FinlayWebbExeter Wheelers05:06:02