About Us

MDCC Mission Statement

Mid Devon Cycle Club is a community resource giving open access, supporting and promoting cycling for all, across a wide range of cycling activities to people in Devon and beyond.  The club:

  • Offers substantial physical and emotional health benefits including a broad social programme 
  • Nurtures diversity
  • Provides coaching, funding and facilities to aspiring competitive cyclists 
  • Contributes to improvement of the environment by influencing positive change.


Mid Devon Cycling Club will be an exemplar of a modern and progressive community Sports Organisation; a centre of excellence unlocking the potential of all its members and providing opportunity for fun and good mental and physical wellbeing.

Mid Devon Cycle Club will:

  • Secure growth in numbers and breadth of cycling activity whilst exhibiting commitment to its proud roots of competitive cycling 
  • Coach and develop future champions
  • Build an expanding portfolio of activity to attract a broader community of interest and enable greater participation 
  • Provide an improved rewards and recognition process. 
  • Continue its commitment to its Dartmoor Classic Sportive enabling contribution to relevant local charitable concerns and to the infrastructure needed for development of its aims and of a growth in community hubs in the local area. 
  • Host national standard cycling events that will be part of the building of MDCC as a recognised leading cycling club in the national context.
  • Expand its network of influence across community organisations to bring about positive changes in attitude towards cycling and cyclists in every aspect of society. 
  • Lobby for suitable engineering and construction work to accommodate the increasing importance of cycling as a means for transportation. 
  • Contribute to the improvement of the environment by influencing positive change.