Club Runs

The Club Runs are the heart and soul of the Mid Devon CC giving us the opportunity to meet on an informal or social basis, organise a lift to the next event and, most importantly to simply ride our bikes.

The Mid-Devon Cycling Club run a number of club runs every week, most of which are on a Sunday.  All our riders are very friendly and we will welcome you into the club.

Most rides leave at 9.00 am from Abbrook, Strap Lane, Kingsteignton,TQ12 3PS on a Sunday unless otherwise stated below. Please arrive at 8.50 and ask for one of the ride leaders. They will advise you on the ride best suited for you.

If you come by car to Abbrook then please park considerately as the local residents don’t take too kindly to being woken early on a Sunday morning. Parking on site is not recommended as from time to time the gates are locked via a combination lock and you do not want to be on the wrong side of the locked gate.

You don’t have to be a member for the first two rides.  Just come along and see if you like it.  We are sure you will.

All the rides have a cafe stop so bring some money for drink and food.

Wear clothing suitable for the conditions that will keep you warm. If there is any chance of rain then bring a wet top.

The club will provide you with a card for your emergency contact details to be written on.

Please ensure you have a filled drinking bottle with you, at least one spare inner tube, tyre levers and a pump in case of a puncture.

Routes are often hilly so you are recommended to use a road bike.   A light hybrid is also suitable for the Introductory rides.

Club Run Structure

Intro Rides – we run an intro ride for less experienced cyclists on request with one weeks notice. This will be a 20/25 mile ride with some climbing, but not too much, and a cafe stop. Please message to register interest. We are developing our programme for these rides and you can find the latest info in the image below.

Step Up rides – needed because there’s a big jump to the Core/Moderate, again run on request with one weeks notice.. Step up can also be used by normal Core riders coming back after a break or injury or not feeling the love! Around 30/35 miles with a bit more climbing than an intro ride. Please message to register interest. We are developing our programme for these rides and you can find the latest info in the image below.

GCore – This is our largest club group and so is split according to speed preference across the range 11 – 14mph riding around 40 miles. They enjoy the social aspect of group riding on the flat and regrouping where necessary at the top of the hills. The speed will be the pace of the slowest rider. Group size around 6. This includes the old Social ride under G1.

F – Moderate – 40 – 50 miles @ 13-15 mph – If you’ve enjoyed the friendly Core group but want a little more then try raising your pace and distance while still staying sociable, they regroup after long or steep climbs but try to keep on the move. Again in groups of around 6.

E – Fast Moderate  – 40 – 50 miles @ 14/15 mph is for anyone who wants a good challenge but isn’t interested in the competitive side of things. They are also sociable and regroup after long or steep climbs but try to keep on the move. Again in groups of around 6.

D – Veterans. Mixed hill and flatter rides. Group riding with some club legends – soak in the experience of the club’s elder statesmen (and women). There are many riders in this group who know almost every possible route that can be used to and from Abbrook. They will take you on rides of discovery and interest.

B/C – Fast (60 miles @ 16 mph) is a taster for anyone thinking of racing and needs to build on fitness but at a (slightly) more relaxed pace.  There is a lot of climbing with no real stopping to wait for riders, which isn’t necessary as the group keeps together.

A – Race Training  60 miles @ 18 mph is the fastest group aimed primarily at the racers. This is a group endurance ride for racers – we all have endurance to do, so why not do it sociably.

Tuesday Chain Gangs. These fast training rides mainly aimed at the A, B & C runs leave every Tuesday evening at 7pm from Abbrook throughout the summer.


Remember to wear suitable clothing and wrap up warm in the winter months. If you are having a bad day or a mechanical problem the group will wait for you and ensure you safely reach your destination. You don’t need to think about joining the club until you’ve attended two or three club runs but see our membership page for all the benefits of becoming a member. Many people ride to the meeting place as parking is not currently available at Abbrook. Contact below for any info: