Exeter University – Paid research opportunities

Andy Davenport a PhD student at Exeter Uni, is studying the effects nutrition can have on performance.

He’s currently recruiting subjects for some testing they have coming up in the next couple of months, and is looking for well-trained cyclists.

Here’s a very brief overview of what will be required:

  • Visit 1: Vo2 max test (using your power output from this can be really useful for planning training!)
  • Visit 2: A familiarisation of the experiment
  • Visit 3: 1st trial
  • Visit 4: 2nd trial
  • Visit 5: 3rd trial
  • Visit 6: 4th trial

During the trials they’ll ask you to drink a caffeinated drink at different times before cycling for 45 minutes. The aim is to find out which is the most effective time to consume caffeine.

Those who complete the trials will be paid £200 to compensate them for their time and expenses.

If any club members are interested – e-mail and we’ll put you in touch with Andy mdccnewsletter@mdcc.org.uk

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