SWCX Round 6

A group of 14 cyclists from the Mid Devon Cycling club embarked on a journey to Cornwall for the sixth round of the South West Cyclocross league at Redruth. The season is well underway, and the next couple of weeks are crucial, with the South West region championships and the fifth round of the National trophy approaching before Christmas. This period is proving to be extremely hectic for many of these riders.

Our team achieved an impressive number of 10 podium finishes this weekend. Notably, Lauren Fox and Catherine Kilburn emerged as the victors in their respective categories. In the Under 10 division, Henry Hatton secured a commendable 9th place, while in the Under 12 category, Ben Ward achieved an outstanding 2nd place, and Jacob Coles finished 7th. Matt Holmes and James Allen both demonstrated exceptional performance in the Under 14, securing 2nd and 3rd place respectively. Lauren Fox also triumphed in the Under 14 category, obtaining 1st place, and Maddy Woodger finished 3rd. In the Under 16 division, Bayley Woodger showcased remarkable skills, securing 2nd place, while Eva Fox achieved an impressive 2nd place as well. Among the male competitors in the V50 age group, James Bovey finished 4th, and Neil Ward secured the 10th position. In the V50 women’s category, Catherine Kilburn emerged as the winner, while Nicky Quant attained 2nd place, and Jackie Shute finished 5th. Edward Selwood achieved an impressive 2nd place in the JM category.

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