SWCX Round 4

Mid Devon riders travelled to Newnham for the fourth round of the SWCX league. Fredrik SIMCOCK achieved a remarkable victory, earning valuable points for his overall league position. Meanwhile, Lauren Fox continued her impressive performance by emerging victorious in the under 14’s category. In the V50 women’s race, Catherine Kilburn triumphed, showcasing excellent form in preparation for the National Trophy, scheduled to take place in Torbay on November 11th and 12th.

Under 10 Fredrik Simcock 1st

Under 12 Ben Ward 2nd,Benjamin Simcock 5th,Oliver Gray 6th 

Under 14’s Matt Holmes 2nd, James Allen 3rd, Ben Picton 4th 

Under 14′ Lauren Fox 1st

Under 16 Jacob start 3rd, Samuel Gray 4th 

Under 16’s Eva Fox 2nd 

JM Edward Selwood 2nd 

V40w Emily Simcock 3rd 

V40m James Williams 7th

V50w Catherine Kilburn 1st, Nicky Quant 3rd,Jackie Shute 4th 

V50m James Bovey 6th, Neil Ward 11th, Simon Gray 17th,

V60m Philip Smith 7th, 

SM Will Kelly 4th 

Lauren Fox under 14

V60 Philip Smith

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