SW Cyclocross – Round 2 Cricket St Thomas

15 September 

SWCX Round 2 – Cricket St Thomas was a very hot day with 22 Mid Devon riders  pushing on getting more outstanding results. Ben Ward taking another win and Benjamin Simcock coming 3rd. Under 10 boy Matt Holmes with back to back wins. Under 10 girl Maddy Woodger was 3rd. Under 16 Callum Start was leading then got a puncture but ran to the pits and change his bike and fought back to 2nd. Vet 40 Andrew Parker came in 2nd, V50w saw 2 on the podium Nicky Quant 1st, Jackie Shute 2nd, V60m Robin Delve continues his winning ways. 

Full provisional results below.

Under 8 boys 1st Ben Ward, 3rd Benjamin Simcock Under 8 girls 4th Charlotte Ward Under 10 boys 1st Matt Holmes, Under 10 girls 3rd Maddy Woodger, Under 12 boys 4th Bayley Woodger, 7th Jacob Start Under 14 boys 5th Ben Goldsmith Under 16 boys 2nd Callum Start 8th Reuben Heal SM 21st Stewartt Dun, Rob Woodger 22nd V40M Andrew Parker 2nd, Steve Hodgson 13th, Andy Holmes 22, Martin Smith 26th V40W Maria Wymouth 5th V50m, Adam Fitzpatrick 11th, V50w Nicky Quant 1st, Jackie Shute 2nd. V60m Robin Delve 1st 

All info from http://www.chiptimingresults.co.uk/results.aspx?CId=61&RId=5013&EId=6&dt=0&st=REIdqzjaLOoYAg53eKyhAYvw%2biD4ynP805bBpALDEMYEteFtTpXgszKQF8qnvLNCz5JOXbkOXN9AmFuc25usiarxSU1duINGQeOGkS19i9I%3d 

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