Race Reports – Brad Messenger – Velopark/Dunkeswell/Tour de Tesco

Mid Devon Race Team Youth Rider Brad Messenger has been picking up some results recently. Here are his reports on his recent races, where he’s consistently moved up the podium!

Tour De Tesco 11/6/16 3rd

After a successful GHS qualifier I made the trip up to Barnstaple for the race.

I think it’s fair to say my legs were non existent…

The race started (after a quick spin of the legs round the streets of Barnstaple) and two of us got away straight from the gun and held it for half the race… My legs cramped pretty bad and I had to fall off the back and rejoin the group about 3/4 of a lap behind (150 metres) – silly mistake. It Ended with a sprint for 2nd and I can’t sprint on a good day let alone when I have no legs so ended up with 3rd.

Nice to see the course before the South West series race at that same course later in the year.

Dunkeswell 14/6/16 2nd

It was the last Dunkeswell race of the year and as its only 15 miles from my house I thought I’d go and have some fun around the twisty track with the aeroplanes flying above.

The race started and two of us got away. This stuck for the whole race with none of us attacking each other. We set a goal to try and lap the whole field and work together as a TTT sort of thing. Knew this was a bad idea though as it was bound to come down to a sprint finish…

I ended up taking 2nd behind a CS Dynamo rider who can produce a lot of power at the end of a race and coming out of corners. 

Velopark 22/6/16 1st

I turned up to this race very early to make sure I was properly warmed up and ready. I had a plan for this race and with only 5 people in the race it was a perfect day to try it out.

The race started and I sat in for the first 5 laps and checked out what everyone was feeling like and what they were planning. I soon took my chances and attacked. I stayed away for about half a lap and then gave up. I soon realised that if I kept it going for a bit longer I would’ve stayed away. Not much happened for the rest of the race from me, I just sat on and let everyone else attack each other.

Last lap came and the group were still together. I caught someone in the corner of my eye ready to attack so I jumped on his wheel and we got a gap… with half a lap to go I saw he was tiring so I jumped past him and held everyone off for the rest of the lap and took the win.

First win of the year for me and still have another year left of youth next year to get plenty more wins.


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