Race Report – Truro CC 25 – Conrad Moss

Truro CC 25

I’d entered 3 events this week……I was never going to ride all 3, but after making a very early call to do some solid training as opposed to the Revo 10 on Wednesday, and my start time in the Cardiff 100 mile BC 25, looking like a logistical nightmare, I’d decided to ride just the Truro CC 25 on Sunday am.

The usual scan of the weather forecast had revealed (for most of the week) a windy affair in store, with the likelihood of a fair amount of rain. However come Saturday, the forecast had changed and it suggested a breezy number, dry, with a good chance of sunshine and 15 degrees at 0830 when I was due to start. Get in there.

Woken at 0430 by the alarm, I climbed out of bed to find ‘rain’ outside. A quick check of the forecast for Cornwall revealed ‘no rain’ so it was a goer regardless. Perky picked me up at 0530, and we both agreed that it would be a ‘reasonable’ day. Driving down through Plymouth and into Cornwall we were both looking hard (through the windscreen wipers) for these clear skies and promise of sunshine. Couldn’t find it – maybe we weren’t looking in the right place?

We arrived in Victoria at 0700. Damp, cool, wet, and flags at the end of the flagpole. Typical Cornwall, but at least visibility was good so the race was on.

Usual pre race ritual carried out, and into the warm up. I was feeling pretty chipper despite my hard weeks training, most likely due to the double espresso I’d had when going out of the door, and the large can of Red Bull just beforehand.

Into the race and as expected it was fairly quick out to the first turn. In a ten this is ideal, as the return leg is slightly shorter, however in a 25 you want the wind the other way round as the return leg is significantly longer (and harder). This was going to be the usual game of ‘managing the avg speed’ as opposed to power.

I picked off a few riders on their 2nd lap, and then caught Perky for a minute at 9 miles. I pressed on and shouted something unrepeatable in his ear, before I caught my 3 minute man at the 2nd turn. From here on it was a lonely ride to the finish. I gave it everything I had into the wind and crossed the line, taking the win in 50.02, just 5 seconds short of my course record. 2nd place went to Revo Racings Matt Slater in 51.22, and Perky took 3rd with 52.53. A decent morning out was made even more decent as James Tribbles solid 55.12 meant we claimed the team award and £5 for our endeavours.

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