Race Report – Maiden win for Ashley Kent


In the lead up to the 4th Cat Velopark race I’ve been putting in a lot more hours on the bike, along with a little less food consumption than normal. The reason? Clicking that submit button on the Canyon website! With the thought of a new bike delivery dispatch date of 4 weeks, which surprisingly became 3… after reading about dispatch time issues that have been having earlier in a year, I didn’t know when it would arrive.  This was my chance to up the training in order to feel quick… and not just a potato sitting on a racing saddle.

I haven’t been active in the MDCC Sunday rides this year due to work and home life changing. So I thought I would give it ago Sunday 21st… “I know what!” I thought to myself… I will drive over to newton abbot (Living in Preston) and go on the quick ride A/B! 8:55 hearing Okehampton being the route… I was suddenly looking around and seeing a sea of red with a lot of smiles! This was the test! First 30 miles were pure torture, legs screaming… and then I noticed that Lemon Drizzle cake. Legs were certainly at the back of my mind now! CAKE… double shot Americano… black! Home bound was challenging too to say the least! Some of you may know that the Clay Pits road is more of a runway for the club… everyone gets excited and the pace gets quicker! Legs spinning frantically, Andrew Perkins fired shots and went off the front, I managed to kick the power and jump on the wheel leading out to the 30 sprint! Heart pounding just crossing the line with no one in front, I emptied the tank so much, that my vision was blurred and feeling sick. Well its training isn’t it?

Chaingang 23rd August– Pre Nightshift…. Was this a good idea? Knowing I was going to be racing in two days this was the test for if I could get enough sleep to feel good for race day. The CG was underway and I was pulling strong, not missing turns and getting PB’s in both directions I felt really good! Craig Hickson made a break at the end on his own causing everyone to up the tempo… I had to pick a man who I knew would lead out. Louie Priddle attacked followed by Jamie Plummer chasing Craig down. That’s it… Slam a few gears down and hit it! Jamie took the lead with speed which I was recovering behind, I could feel the speed slowing so I went solo. This paid off for another sprint win.

Raceday 25th August – Velopark. While most of you are waking up! 7:00 came and it was time to go home from work… I hadn’t really eaten any carbs that night, craving carbs I stopped at Lidl’s on the way home for that fresh bakery smell! Two scones ended up in the basket, still warm! This will do before bed! There was a little que today at the checkout! Everyone standing close in distance, but distant in age! They were not happy that the checkout employee kept walking out of sight to get the “4 for £1” item code… lots of huffing and puffing from the senior folk… like its ruined their day already! Not me… I had the thought of two scones waiting to be eaten, nothing could kill this moment! Bleep Bleep that’s it, homebound. 1. Cut scones in half 2. Butter up 3. Sleep. This week hasn’t been the best for sleeping, after hot weather and loud noises outside I didn’t know what to expect of my energy levels. Alarm set for 15:00. 13:59 eyes open! Six solid hours, that’s good enough for me so got up and had my daily porridge! I always seem to get nervous thinking about the race… will there be crashes? How are my legs? I set off 45 minutes before start time. 10 minutes ride to the Velo! Sign on! Warm up! Race! Riding down my road, feeling I have heavy legs I felt a little pessimistic! Have I overdone it this week? When warming up I took a few minutes out to look at who I am racing with. There was a guy from Bike Chain Ricci, didn’t quite catch his name! But he looked very strong warming up! Exeter wheelers gave a few attacks during the first half of the race but Martin Smith MDCC, Dave Lewis MDCC and Ed Parker MDCC were counter attacking and bridging the gap. If there was going to be a breakaway of some strong riders I’d jump and join in the fun, this didn’t happen! 20 minutes in I started speaking to the aforementioned guy (riding for Bike Chain Ricci), to see if he was keen for a break within the last few laps! All or nothing I thought to myself. With the appearance of the “3 laps to go” sign, I knew this could be the lap to make my move! Pace was upping, looked over and gave my man the nod… on the straight parallel to the finish was the moment to make our attack. Second wheel in I sprinted and gave it everything, front wheel bouncing off the ground! Looking behind hoping he was going to be there, a few seconds went and he was on, the gap opened! Now is the time to give it everything and hold the gap. 2 laps to go, coming out of the hair pins corners and seeing the distance increasing. Both pulling strong turns on the front. Crowed getting louder! 1 lap to go… I took the front to keep the pace high! Two bends to go I waved him through, knowing if he’s on the front I can actually win this race! Heart rate in the 190’s there was no time for recovery, last bend… second wheel! Time to go and empty the tank! Pulling out of his slipstream, with the finish line in sight, I was Scone!

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