Race Report – Jenny Corser takes another win!

Race report Westpoint Jenny Corser Tuesday 2 August.

I’ve rapidly be learning the intricacies of racing and unfortunately the,  rather high pitched, and public forum ‘ chatter’ that goes on behind it.

It’s pretty sad.

Anyway on a positive note I won this race.

It was a very small field, and the last of the Deliveroo , women’s series races.

I had cycled Ride London two days prior to this race in 4h20, at an average speed of 36.7km/h which I could still feel in my legs.

There was a strong head wind over the top section of the course, which made for a tough circuit, for tired legs.

Anyway I led the last lap from the head wind section.

Apparently someone watching bet £10 I wouldn’t win from so far out.

The club member watching with him didn’t want to take the bet because he also thought I couldn’t do it. But round the last corner I sprinted harder, I could feel the track sprinter next to me coming closer. And by the line it was very close – but I won.

Should have taken that bet…!

At least there were no crashes this time. Last time on this circuit the last bend saw a big crash.

Keeping it safe. Keeping it positive. Keep on smiling.

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