Race Report HSBC UK National XC MTB Round 4 – Killer still 2nd in National rankings!

I had missed the round 3 race as this had also been in North Yorkshire a few weekends previously and it just isn’t possible to do everything! So I was needed a good race again to maintain my 2nd place standing. It was a long journey up to Dalby and the rain held off until it was time for the practise lap! The course had lots of single track and some interesting big drop offs down big rocks. There was one section in some woods that was muddy, rocky and steep; and after falling off this twice in practice I made the decision that a quick dismount and slide down would be the best option when racing!

Luckily race day was dry, and I am always pleased when the morning has finished dragging out and I can finally line up on the start at 1pm. It was a strange race because after the initial few minutes we entered single track and all the jostling for places was done, and I spent the next hour and a half riding solo! The course was quite twisty and meant that there were few places when you could see anyone. It is difficult to maintain a hard pace when appearing to be racing yourself! In past races I have let the speed drop after the first lap and aimed this time to maintain a consistent pace throughout. In the pits they told me on my last lap that the leader of my age group was a good distance in front and the lady behind was a good distance behind me so all I had to do was stay on the bike, not have any mechanicals and finish!

And that is what I did. Probably not an awe inspiring performance but definitely “job done” and another second place. There is one more race in the series in August and the National Championships at the end of July which will be the next target. –

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