Race Report – GHS Youth TT District Qualifier

On Sunday 12th June. A team of Mid Devon Youth Riders went to ride the GHS qualifiers in Cornwall. Harrison Wood came 2nd overall continuing his great run of form. Here are his thoughts on the day

This year’s GHS qualifier was held on the s6/10 very near to Truro. It takes you along the Laddock valley which is a slight incline out to the turn and then obviously a slight decline back from the turn me and mum left early in the morning firstly to collect a wheel from Ian Cullen and secondly so that we could have a look at the course as I had never done it before. On the way down it was raining hard and the wind had picked up so was slightly worried about the strong winds. Luckily when we got down there the valley was sheltered so deeper section wheels could be used without worrying. Warm up done I could feel that my legs felt fresh after a fairly relaxed week of training.

I headed down to the start line. I started off nice and steady as the start opened itself up for you going to fast and hard due to it being a very slight incline. Settled into my rhythm and continued to ride but kicking a bit harder over the bigger inclines as to not lose too much speed. On the way back my legs were burning but I knew I couldn’t stop so I went hard all the way back to the finish. Ouch that hurt. Overall I came 2nd to Evan rouse who absolutely smashed it out of the park and was followed by Joe Saunders in 3rd. Jamie Plummer rounded off the Mid Devon CC  fastest team which means all 3 of us now head to the national final in Stratford where hopefully we can bag a good placing in the team event. Brad Messenger also did a very good ride to finish as 1st juvenile which sees him also go to the national and stand a good chance in his category.

Mid Devon CC Times

  • Harrison Wood 22.32
  • Joe Saunders 23.02
  • Jamie Plummer 23.43
  • Brad Messenger 23.57
  • Louie Priddle 24.53 

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