Race Report – East Devon Series Race 3 – Dunkeswell

Race Report from Mid Devon CC Race Team Youth Rider Brad Messenger who came 2nd in the Dunkeswell  Youth Races

Having been off school all day from illness I managed to get mum to let me race. Little did I know this was a very bad idea…

Dad and I rode up to the race and I was beginning to feel a little bit better. As soon as we got there I was straight back to how I had been all day, croaky voice and feeling sick. Oh well I had already signed on so the best I could do was try.

The race got underway and it split up straight away with it being a twisty track. One rider went clear and I was held up behind another which meant I was unable to get across to him. The rider stayed away and I got away from the group of 5 chasing behind which left both of us solo riders out front for the whole race. I started to feel worse and worse and this meant I had no power and was unable to close the gap down to the rider in front. However being out in front of the main group I was able to control the pace of my own race and pass over the finish line comfortably in 2nd place after being out on my own for 30 minutes. I was sure glad that was over!

My bed was the comfiest it’s ever been that night! Hopefully I’ll be feeling a lot better for the GHS TT on Sunday!

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