Group Riding Skills Sessions

The Club is going to be hosting some group riding skills sessions

These will take place at the Velopark on Saturday mornings with the Youth coaching sessions and be led by Mid Devon CC member and BC Level 3 Coach Martin Burrows

These sessions are open to all and will aim to get people used to group riding. We’d encourage both Men and Women to attend.

PROPOSED DATES: Saturdays 7th Jan, 21st Jan, 4th Feb, 18th Feb

These sessions use the 500m circuit, starting at 9.30am while the youth session is on in the rest of the Velopark. At 10.30am onwards we can use the full circuit.The entire session will last for 2 hours and is free to Mid Devon CC members.  Ideally all the sessions need to be attended but if you can only make some then that is fine too. We’ll update via Facebook and Email if the weather deteriorates on the day and we can’t run it


Session 1: Group Riding skills (Lead and follow, Follow my leader, Behead the snake. Side by Side circuit, Slalom, Pairs half lap steady, Big Group Through and off – Line, Wheel, Drop back and sprint to front)

Session 2: Cornering and confidence in Groups (Cornering  – Smooth, Following, Side by Side, Confidence in Groups – Side by Side – Slalom, Funnel, Shoulders/Lean, Square in contact)

Session 3: Introduction to Race Skills (Confidence in the bunch – In line – avoid obstacles, Weave through group. Side by Side corners, Swap bottom to top, Through and Off – Pairs, small group practise, small group race)

Session 4: Coach Led Racing (Through and off – small group practise, big group line Vs’ Wheel, Gaining a lap, Echelons, Solo and small group attacks, Sprinting and Lead outs)

Please fill in the form below or e-mail to register your interest

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