Evening 10 TT results – 27/04/2017

MDCC – Summer Series 10 mile Time Trial – Thursday 27th April 2017, Dartington Circuit.

A cool 10/11 degree Celsius evening meant a few extra layers for most riders with a headwind on the outleg to cope with as well.

1   Lee Sanderson              MDCC                       26m 20s

2  James Stevenson          MDCC                       27m 20s

3  Mark Sanders                 MDCC                       27m 37s

4  John Scanlan                  MDCC                       29m 53s

5  Graham Kay                    Torbay Tri                 31m 30s

6  Jon Pressling                  Torbay Tri                 32m 09s

7  Julian Bayes                    MDCC                       32m 39s

8  Gary Brenton                  Torbay Tri                  32m 37s

9  Pete Adams                     MDCC                        33m 16s

10 Shani Adams                   MDCC                        34m 15s

11 Hamish Renton                MDCC                        34m 55s

12 Rose Parkhouse              MDCC                        40m 32s

13 Cassandra Harrison        Torbay Tri                  40m 37s

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