Covid-19, Coronavirus update from Club Chairman

Monday 16th March – Covid-19, Coronavirus

The MDCC Committee met this evening, sitting at separate tables. Subsequent meetings will be held using Skype for the foreseeable future.

The major issue was of course the Coronavirus and our club response, in particular following the announcements from the Prime Minister at 1645 hours this evening.

The Committee have listened very carefully to the understandable expectation from Government, for actions not to be enforced at this stage, but taken with personal and social responsibility.

We are a club with a strong reputation and wish to conform to Government guidance, not just for compliance’ sake but also to demonstrate social responsibility with a determination to protect the health and wellbeing of members, many of whom are in the vulnerable age group, and also all people we might encounter during normal club activity.

To this end the Committee have decided

· All MDCC group rides should cease, including, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday Spin and Sunday rides.

· Abbrook should not be used as a meeting place where we are seen to gather in groups

· The MDCC stops attending Cafes in groups

· Members are asked not to wear identifiable MDCC kit when riding for fitness (suggested maximum is 4 people)

· All organised club activities for the foreseeable future are cancelled or postponed

We are not stopping members from riding their bikes, we are saying this should be carried out in a way which promotes social responsibility and attracts least likelihood of complaint from concerned members of the public.

These steps will of course be subject to constant review and we will maintain contact with MDCC members on a regular basis.

As a strong community of interest we have a network which can and should support members where need is identified. Jane Taylor has volunteered to be co-ordinator of the MDCC Support Network and will act upon any and all personal messages received.

You may find the Government advice in the attached link is helpful.

Liam McGrath – Mid Devon CC Chairman


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