AGM Announcement 2021

Notice to All Members:

The Mid Devon Cycling Club AGM will take place on line at 19.00hrs on Saturday 6th March 2021 using the Zoom meeting app. Details of how to join the meeting & instructions on how to use Zoom and associated reports will be E mailed to members who have asked (Interim Hon Secretary) Paul Martin email: pandaukfr@gmail.com to attend by Friday 27th February 2021. There is a maximum of 100 places available, 16 of which are reserved for the current officers.

The Club Rules state as follows:
The MDCC General Committee shall arrange for an AGM to be held to conduct the following business
The presentation and, if accepted, the adoption of the Accounts for the previous Financial Year.
The election of General Committee Officers, two of whom shall be appointed to act as Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer.
The election of an Auditor.
Any other business as shall have been notified to the Secretary in accordance with clause 7 of MDCC Rules which state ‘ All items for consideration at a General Meeting shall be submitted to the Club Secretary at least 7 working days (1900hrs Wednesday 24th February 2021) prior to the meeting, such items shall be circulated to the membership via email at least 7 days before said meeting. 

The formal Notice of the meeting will be published on the MDCC website, displayed on the MDCC Facebook page and sent to members of MDCC via British Cycling email, no later than Thursday 18th February at 1900hrs.

The notice will include: 
Notice of the meeting (date, time, place, business, date on which the Accounts and names of members nominated so far, for office on the MDCC General Committee)
Committee Composition and Vacancies – all Committee members “shall be elected at the AGM to hold office until the conclusion of the next AGM.”
Nominations paper ( For completion before 27th February at 1900hrs)
Election Procedures.

The closing date for nominations to the MDCC General Committee will be Friday 27th February at 1900hrs.

NB. Any member can be nominated for any position on the General Committee, the formal notice will contain the Nomination forms and the definitive list of those existing General Committee Members submitting themselves for re-election and any known vacancies. In the current circumstances the members of the existing committee are set out below. Nominations will need to be done by email to the Interim Secretary.

Please send matters to be raised or any questions about the AGM to:

Paul Martin Interim Hon Secretary : Paul Martin pandaukfr@gmail.com

Because of the circumstances under which this meeting is being held, all reports will be circulated electronically in advance of the meeting. Any vote will be conducted by a show of hands.

The current list of Committee Members is:

Chairperson: Liam McGrath
Vice Chairman: Mike Gratton
Hon Secretary: Ian Whitear – not seeking re-election
Hon Treasurer: Mark Sanders
President: Colin Lewis
Vice Presidents: Ken Robinson, Andrew Perkins and Andrew Parker
Cycle Cross: Martin Smith
Events; Paul Martin
Membership: Jamie Horton
Mountain Biking: Ben Tisdall
Road Racing: Mike Gratton
Time Trialling: Ken Robertson
Time Trials – Club: Jane Taylor
Welfare: Sue McGrath and Maria Woodger
Youth Development: Andrew Parker & Rob Woodger

This email has been delivered to you via the British Cycling club management system.

If you wish to send a reply, please respond to pandaukfr@gmail.com

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