A380 South Devon Link Road Update

Further to the postings on Facebook regarding the dangerous road surface, here is the monthly bulletin from Galliford Try about upcoming developments

>February 2015 A380 Update<

During the coming months the project will reach several major milestones. The new junction at the top of Aller Brake Road will open, creating a new access route to and from Newton Abbot. Ahead of the new junction opening further surfacing work will take place on St Marychurch Road requiring a two-day closure and short detour via Twickenham Road. This work is currently scheduled for 17th and 18th February and the new junction will open soon after, weather permitting. The junction at the bottom of Aller Brake Road will eventually join up with the new Aller Park Link Road, a two-lane access for residents of Aller connecting to Torquay Road.

Work is also due to commence in the vicinity of the Romany Jones layby. During this phase, southbound traffic will be directed through the lay-by whilst northbound traffic will switch onto the opposite, currently southbound, lane. The café and Zig Zag Quarry will continue to remain open for business during the works.

The new bridges at Yon Street (S14) and Maddacombe Road (S13) in Kingskerswell are scheduled to open to traffic later this spring. After this the removal of the temporary Yon Street diversion will commence and excavations can be completed at Maddacombe. In the meantime temporary lights will continue to be in use at Maddacombe Road on a daily basis, with some further weekend closures for utility works being planned.

Edginswell Lane is due to undergo a temporary closure near Hamelin Way for five days in early March. The programme is still being planned and further information will be posted on our website when it becomes available.

Consideration is now being given to the name for the new road, and we would like to invite residents and road users to send in their suggestions. The only rules are that the road cannot be named after a living person and it must not duplicate the name of another road in the area. The winning entry will be selected by a panel and the winner invited to attend the opening ceremony. Send your entry and contact details before the closing date of 27th February to A380.SDLR@gallifordtry.co.uk

We are aware that local councils and other organisations carry out roadworks in the area and we liaise with them to minimise avoidable clashes or disruption where possible. A list of some of their forthcoming works can be found in the alerts section of our website to help you with your journey planning.

Work is continuing on the Decoy Link Road which involves the temporary closure of a section of Kingskerswell Road. This project is principally funded by the Department for Transport, and the timing of this project is governed by set guidelines which determine when the funding is available. For full details of the Decoy Link Road please visit: www.southdevonlinkroad.co.uk/decoylinkroad

Below is a list of some of the work due to take place over the next few weeks. As much of the construction programme is weather-dependent, this is subject to revision. For the latest news updates refer to our website.

Where appropriate we have included the ‘S’ numbers for structures along the project. A complete structures list can be found on the South Devon Link Road website: www.southdevonlinkroad.co.uk/structure-numbers

North Section – Penn Inn roundabout to The Barn Owl pub

January commenced / completed works

Concrete pour on first section of Penn Inn Flyover completed (S02).

 Construction of south ramp at Penn Inn commenced (S03).

 Construction of parking bays on Addison Road commenced.

 Aller roundabout drainage works commenced.

February 2015

Monthly Bulletin Page 2

February / March planned works

Works on Penn Inn Flyover to continue (S02).

 Construction of south ramp at Penn Inn to continue (S03).

 Drainage excavations along sections of existing A380 to continue.

 Finishing works to bank on A380 adjacent to Addison Road to commence.

 Construction of parking bays on Addison Road to continue.

 Traffic realignments on existing A380 to continue.

 Works on retaining wall at Aller, adjacent to the railway, to continue (S08).

 Construction of Aller Link Road behind new retaining wall to continue.

 Construction of new St Marychurch Road / Aller Brake Road junction to continue.

 Aller roundabout drainage works to continue.

 Realignment of A380 southbound through Romany Jones layby to commence.

January commenced / completed works

Continuation of commenced works along entire south section.

February / March planned works

Main earthworks excavations north and south of Maddacombe Road to continue.

 Utility works and weekend road closures, Maddacombe Road.

 Maddacombe Road Overbridge reinforced concrete works to continue (S13).

 Reinforced concrete works at Yon Street Overbridge to continue (S14).

 Concrete deck pour to commence at Yon Street Overbridge (S14).

 Reinforced concrete works at Gas Main Structure to continue (S36).

 Reinforced concrete works at Edginswell Lane Underbridge to continue (S35).

 Reinforced concrete works to continue at Torbay Ring Road Underbridge (S34).

 Concrete deck pour to commence at Torbay Ring Road Underbridge (S34).

 Landscaping and drainage works to continue along entire south section.

The Community Liaison Group meets regularly at the Galliford Try site office in Kingskerswell. The majority of the group comprises residents as well as representatives from Torbay Council, Devon County Council and the contractor Galliford Try.

Group members can ask questions on your behalf about aspects of the construction of the road. If you would like to get in touch with the representative for your area, their contact details can be found by going to our website at www.southdevonlinkroad.co.uk/community-liaison-group

The Galliford Try public liaison team Tracey Waygood and Patrick Beasley can be contacted on 01626 357729 or 01626 233019 or by email at: A380.SDLR@gallifordtry.co.uk

For information such as planned roadworks or overnight operations please look at our website. These and other features can be accessed here www.southdevonlinkroad.co.uk

If you are reading a printed version of this and would like to receive the monthly bulletin direct by email in the future please register at www.southdevonlinkroad.co.uk/signup

The total cost of the South Devon Link Road is estimated to be £110m. The Department for Transport has paid £76.39m towards the project. The balance is being shared equally between Torbay Council and Devon County Council


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