2015 South West Youth Circuit Race Series

South West Youth Circuit Race Series 2015

Saturday 11th April     Somerset RC, Ilton

Tuesday 12th May       C S Dynamo, Dunkeswell

Sunday 31st May         North Devon Wheelers Stage Race, Torbay Velo Park

Saturday 27th June     1st Chard Wheelers Youth Stage Race, Ilton

Sunday 12th July         Velo Park Ciruit Races, Torbay (SW Championships)

Saturday 25th July      Team Tor Youth Support Races


Open to all youth riders registered in the SOUTH WEST region (check your membership and license card if in doubt).

Best four rounds to count for the overall classification, in the event of a tie, head to head performances will be considered.

Riders must finish the race to qualify for points.

Riders competing in three races or fewer will not qualify for the overall classification.

Youth A & B

First ten South West boys and girls 15,12,10, 8,6,5,4,3,2,1 points for first ten positions in each round (combined race for both categories, the B rider with most points overall will win the B category).

Separate girls race in there are sufficient riders (more than 10 at tight circuits, more than 15 at bigger circuits).

Youth C, D, E

First three South West boys and girls in each age category.

General Information.

All events are open to riders from all regions, and BC ranking points will be awarded accordingly.

Only South West region riders will be awarded points in the South West Youth Circuit Race Series, and these are completely independent of BC points and placings.

Parents….help. In some races the minor placings for SW riders can be tricky, so please be helpful, and assist us rather than standing on the sidelines then bitterly complaining.

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