Race Report – Steve Jones 4th at Bath RR

I’m learning to drive so I drove up to the race which helped take my mind off things. Warmed up as planned and then worked my way to the front through the neutralised section. I stayed in the first 5 wheels for the whole first lap which was good because it proved to be quite technical. 2 climbs both started steep before going into a drag.

First time up the second climb I pressed on over the top a bit, which split the race up pretty well. An attack went a little further up the road, which one of my old team mates (I was the only MDCC rider in the race) dragged me up to, but it was soon pulled back. There were a few teams with a lot of riders who weren’t letting anything go unless they were in it. At that point I just decided to watch from the front 15 wheels and follow an attack if it felt right. In the last half of the last lap, 2 guys went up the road and I got on the front briefly, holding the gap but neither closing or letting it extend. This worked out well, because I knew we’d catch them in the final, having let 2 of the strongest riders in the race do a lot of work, putting them out of contention. I knew the last climb dragged on after the ramp for ages because I led it on the previous lap, so an early attack would be a popular but pointless option. An attack went and was quickly neutralised as the rider realised the finish was a bit further on. The group split and I was in the back half but didn’t panic and let the bigger rider in front of me pull us back as the front group hesitated. Then it was just a grind up the drag to the line, where I was cut up in the sprint, so it was 4th not 3rd, but I was happy all the same, taking first junior as well.

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