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Mid Devon top SW regional club for 2022

The Mid Devon CC finish the year as the highest ranked South West club and 81st out of 777 clubs Nationally.

It’s been an action packed year for the Clubs Senior and Junior road teams kicking off in February and finally finishing in early September. Along the way we’ve put our arms in the air and claimed wins on road and circuit and gained placings in National Series events.

What’s pleasing to see is the number of riders who’ve contributed to the points tally – double that of the next highest regional teams and also the range of age and ability of the riders. From James Williams to Piers Mahn everyone’s contributed and Jonathan Gale has stepped up through the club run levels to race and gain placings.

Over the next couple of months we’ll review our plan for next year and look forward to getting the team back on the road in 2023

National Team Ranking 81st

Felix Whetter 126

Ewan Warren 99

James Williams 61

Robert Harrison 53

Reuben Heal 47

Henry Howells 43

Callum Start 43

James Pearcy 38

Jason Kettle 26

Julian Pitocco 28

Piers Mahn 16

Jack Wilson 15

Martin Smith 14

Jake Durant 13

Karl Dobson 13

Jonathan Gale 6

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