Mid Devon CC Autumn Criteriums – Masters 24/09/22

Mid Devon CC are organising a day of Masters Criteriums on behalf of the BMCR on Saturday 24th September 2022 at the Torbay Velopark.

You can enter here: https://www.riderhq.com/events/p/nos2me1w/f/mid-devon-cc-autumn-criteriums—nuffield-health-sw-series-2022-0

BMCR age categories for men are designated as follows: A, 40-44; B, 45-49; C, 50-54; D, 55-59; E, 60-64; F, 65-69; G, 70-74;H,75-79: I,80-84, J,85-89; K,90-94: L,95-99. 

BMCR age categories for women are designated as follows: C, 40-44; D, 45-49; E, 50-54; F, 55-59; G, 60-64; H, 65-69; I, 70-74;J,75-79: K,80-84, L,85-89; M,90-94: N,95-99.

Members will change category on the 1st January in the year of their appropriate birthday.

(e.g. if a man is 50 on 10th June 2020, he will be a C category from 1st January 2020).

How to join BMCR

We have partnered with Rider HQ to process our membership for the whole organisation. This can be accessed by clicking the button below https://www.riderhq.com/groups/bmcr/0/join

EFGH/W at 11am

A/B at 12.30

C/D at 2pm. 

1 hours + 3 laps for each race.

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