2023 will see the return of the National Trophy Cyclocross at Torbay Velopark

Mid Devon Cycling Club National Trophy Cyclocross at Torbay Velopark on 11th & 12th November. This is the second time for many years that the South West are hosting this event which will be held at Torbay Velopark where cyclocross features funded in 2022 by Mid Devon CC and British Cycling will be utilised. This has created one of the only public access cyclocross courses in the UK. The event is likely to receive around 550 entries with over 2000 spectators bringing approximately £180k to Torbay.

BC information Falkirk to host 2024 National Cyclo-cross Championships (britishcycling.org.uk)

2023/24 National Trophy Series:

  • Round 1: Gypsies Green, South Shields: 7 – 8 October
  • Round 2: North West, TBC: 14 – 15 October
  • Round 3: Moorways, Derby: 28 – 29 October
  • Round 4: Torbay Velopark, Paignton: 11 – 12 November
  • Round 5: Cyclopark, Gravesend: 9 – 10 December
  • Round 6: Tong, Bradford: 6 – 7 January

2024 National Cyclo-cross Championships:

  • Callendar Park, Falkirk: 13 – 14 January

This schedule for each round of the National Trophy Series will be changed for the 2023/24 series, switching the youth races to Sunday to prevent riders from missing school time when required to travel to events on a Friday. Full timetables, including race times, will follow over summer. The revised weekend schedule can be found below.


Junior Men

Junior Women

Senior Women

Senior Men

Veteran 50/60 Men


Youth Girls

Under 14 Boys

Under 16 Boys

Veteran Women

Veteran 40 Men

More information will come out closer to the event:

On Parking and Camping,

Sponsorship opportunities are still available if any one whats to get involved:

Sign all over the course £250

Race Numbers £500,

Scaffold Bridge £800, 4 x 3m x 1m banners plus up to 8 Feather flags required

Steps £200 4 x 3m x 1m banners required

Barriers £200

Rollers £200 6 x 3m x 1m banners required

Chicane £150 – 4 x 3m x 1m banners required

Corners of the course £150 4 x 3m x 1m banners required

Single banner on course £50 1 x 3m x 1m banners required

Name a section of the course £200

Name a Zone Colour Area £500 4 x 3m x 1m banners required

Event village opportunities contact for more information.

For more information please contact Rob@middevon.cc

We are also looking for podium prizes Sponsorship per age group as well please get in touch.

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