The Southwest Cyclocross league awards for the 2023 season

The Southwest Cyclocross league awards for the 2023 season were held over the weekend, following eight rounds held across Devon, Cornwall, and Somerset. Despite the challenging wet and muddy conditions, the Mid Devon cycling club had a successful season. In the under 10 category, Fredrik Simcock dominated the series standings by winning six out of the eight rounds. Ben Ward secured second place. Moving on to the under 14 category, Matt Holmes finished in second place, with James Allen coming in third. Ben Picton secured fourth place and Omar Wilson finished in fifth place. Under 14 girls Lauren Fox 1st wining every round in the series and Maddy Woodger was 3rd, In the under 16 boys’ category, Jacob Start claimed third place, while Sam Gray took fourth place. Eva Fox emerged as the victor in the under 16 category, facing tough competition from two riders from Dartmoor Velo. In the veteran 50 category, James Bovey secured third place, while Catherine Kilburn emerged as the champion in the veteran 50 women’s category, with Nicky Quant finishing in third place. Eva fox won most in proved youth rider this was voted by fellow riders across the league  

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