2018 Awards

Our 2018 Award Winners


Circuit Racing U8 Boy Cup: Matthew Holmes

Circuit Racing U8 Girl Cup:  Maddy Woodger

Circuit Racing U10 Boy Cup :Bayley Woodger

Circuit Racing U10 Girl Cup : Lily Wills

Circuit Racing U12 Boy Cup : Noah Thomas

Circuit Racing U14 Boy Cup : Jacob Thomas

Circuit Racing U16 Boy Cup : Morgan Gibson-Clay

Cyclocross  1st U8 Girl Medal Engraved : Maddy Woodger

Cyclocross 1st U10 Girl Medal Engraved : Ellie Birchall

Cyclocross 3rd U10 Boy Medal Engraved : Jacob Start

Cyclocross 2nd U10 Boy Medal Engraved : Bayley Woodger

Cyclocross 1st U10 Boy Medal Engraved : Matthew Holmes

Cyclocross 3rd U12 Boy Medal Engraved : William Birchall

Cyclocross 2nd U12 Boy Medal Engraved : Henry Birchall

Cyclocross 1st U12 Boy Medal Engraved : Ben Goldsmith

Cyclocross 1st U12 Girl Medal Engraved : Aine Graham

Cyclocross 3rd U14 Boy Medal Engraved : Dylan Gorrin

Cyclocross 2nd U14 Boy Medal Engraved : Edward Selwood

Cyclocross 1st U14 Boy Medal Engraved : Solomon Drury

Cyclocross 1st U16 Boy Medal Engraved : Callum Start

Special Award – Progression to U23 Semi Pro ranks Harrison Wood

Time Trialling

Medal Time Distance  Winner

22:26 Senior Women 10 : Ruth Burrows

55:32 Senior Women 25 : Ruth Burrows

18:54 Senior 10: Conrad Moss

47:20 Senior 25 : Conrad Moss

1:39:29 Senior 50 : Conrad Moss

47:20 Over 40s 25 : Conrad Moss

1:39:29 Over 40s 50 : Conrad Moss

3:28:00 Senior 100 : Conrad Moss

Womens 10 mile team Record 1h 09m 45s : Ruth Burrows, Karen Watkins & Jenny Corser

Mens 10 mile team Record 57:54 Conrad, Harrison Wood &
Henry Irvine

Mens 25 mile team Record 1:29:23 Conrad, Harrison Wood &
Henry Irvine

Kelsteign Trophy Teign Valley Hilly : Matt Langworthy

1st MDCC Teign Valley Hilly Louie Priddle

Queen Elizabeth II Coronation Cup Fastest MDCC who has not achieved sub 1 hr for an Open 25 TT: Philip Gwynne-Smith

Sharam Trophy 1st SW Senior BAR Av. Speed for 10, 25 & 50 Av. Sp 30.01 mph: Conrad Moss

WAJ Best Trophy & Cup 1st Man July 25/Club Champ 25: 48:44: Conrad Moss

1st in club 10 champ: Conrad Moss, 18m54

Chouings Cup Fastest in Open 50 in SW : Conrad Moss

Elliott Cup Open 100 – Club Record  3h 28m Conrad Moss

Club Time Trials

1st Youth : Morgan Gibson-Clay

1st Non TT Bike 4th O/A : Shaun Collier

Most Improved 1m 53s : Steve Osborne

1st Women Bibbings Cup : Clare McKenna

1st Overall : Neil Castree

Road Racing

Junior Cup Club Road Champion: Harrison Wood

TW Woods Cup 1st MDCC in Div Champs : Ian Cullen

Vire Trophy Club Road Champion Woman : Jenny Corser

Davey Cup Club Road Champion Senior : Andrew Perkins

President’s Cup – Colin Lewis Trophy Performance of the
Year: Harry Birchill

Off Road

Junior CX & MTB Cup Engraved : Tristan Davies

Senior Men CX Cup Engraved : Rob Woodger

Senior Men MTB Cup Engraved : Chris Newbold

Vet 40 Men CX Cup Engraved : Andrew Parker

Vet 40 Men MTB Cup Engraved : Steve Hodgson

Vet 40 Women CX & MTB Cup Engraved : Jackie Shute

Vet 50 Men MTB Cup Engraved : Ben Tisdall

Vet 50 Women CX & MTB Cup : Catherine ‘Killer’ Kilburn

Super Vet 60 CX & MTB Gnarly Cup : Robin Delve

Other Awards

Clima Cup Club person of the Year : Ken Robertson

Hammer Trophy 12 hour TT : Conrad Moss

Special Award – 2018 Youth Olympics – Buenos Aires – Team Bronze Medal: Harry Birchill