2016 Awards

TT Awards
Medal Time Distance Winner
19.01 Senior 10 Matt Langworthy
1.44.57 Senior 50 Conrad Moss
1.43.56 Senior 50 Conrad Moss
1.44.57 Over 40s 50 Conrad Moss
1.43.56 Over 40s 50 Conrad Moss
3.37.40 Senior 100 Conrad Moss
3.37.40 Over 40s 100 Conrad Moss
21.28 Juvenile 10 Harrison Wood
21.26 Juvenile 10 Harrison Wood
55.53 Juvenile 10 Harrison Wood
Open Awards
Sharam Trophy 1st SW Senior BAR Conrad Moss
President Mem. Shield 1st Man Sept 25 Conrad Moss
Olympic Shield 1st Lady Sept 25 Zoe Bettridge – NDW
WAJ Best Trophy 1st man June 25 Conrad Moss
Queen Eliz. II Cup 1st Middle Marker  25 Harrison Wood
Teign Valley Trophy Winner Dean Robson – Nopinz
TBC 1st in club 10 champ Conrad Moss
WAJ Best Cup 1st in club champ 25 Conrad Moss
Chouings Cup Fastest in Open 50 in SW Conrad Moss
Elliott Cup Open 100 Mark Sanders
Kelsteign Trophy Teign Valley Hilly Matt Langworthy
Bert Chitty or Thorp Plaque Open 12 hour Mark Sanders
B Northway trophy Fastest MDCC Vet STD 50M Conrad Moss
Golden Jubilee 50m Cup Fastest MDCC 50 Conrad Moss
Most improved James Tribble
Bibbings Cup Best Woman Sarah Lakey
National TTT Best Team Ride Gratton/Tribble/Coombe
Youth E Boy Jacob Start
Youth E Girl Honey Renton
Youth D Boy Ed Selwood
Youth D Girl Adrianna Dodd
Youth C Boy Dylan Gorrin
Youth B Boy Noah Dodd
Youth B Girl Isabella Ashford
Youth A Boy Louie Priddle
Social Award
Voted for by the Social Ride Shani Adams
Off Road
Gnarly Cup Robin Delve
Davey Cup Club Road Champion Senior Ian Cullen
Club Road Champion Woman Jenny Corser
Junior Cup Club Road Champion Junior Ashley Towey
Colin Lewis Trophy Performance of the Year Matt Langworthy
Performance of the Year Andy Perkins
TW Woods Cup First MDCC in Div Champs David Johnson
Hammer Trophy Stgae 1 Prix de Jumelage Tim Prowse
Clima Cup Club person of the Year Ken Robertson

For those interested a history of the Mid Devon Cups and Trophies can be found here