Mid Devon Cycling Club Profile and Communication Survey – 2017

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Please read the Summary on Progress since the 2016 Survey before answering.

Progress on the 2016 Survey – Communication Issues/Suggestions (216 completed the survey):

Many members were happy/very happy with the club’s communication. However, the following are worthy of careful consideration.

1. New member orientation Welcome info sent to new members within about 2 weeks, New Member Evening held
2. “Why would you want to join a club if you can’t find basic info on rides etc before joining and using the Facebook page, that is if you use Facebook. Make club ride information more easily available.” Website development has recently started,
3. Communication needed direct from MDCC when members join not just the British Cycling auto response. See above
4. A weekly or monthly “What’s On.” Provide weekly ride information All listed in Newsletter for F, G, Social & Saturday Spin rides
5. A quarterly or half yearly newsletter mailed out depending on cost etc A bi-monthly Newsletter sent by email to all members
6. Add Texts as a means of communication
7. Increase website info re structure of the club &’who’s who
8. Composition of the committee and their roles is unknown All in the Newsletter with other committee info
9. Website needs updating with weekly rides info as not all use Facebook BC emails used regularly for all key activities
10. Reduce reliance on Facebook by having more info on the website In progress
11. Have a proper and updated calendar on the website that includes all activities with a filtering facility if possible
      Started in the Newsletter and beingdeveloped further for 2018, can easily be added to the website
12. Regular Facebook updates re all Sunday rides Only A, B & E rides don’t advertise their info
13. More Facebook info on racing matters
14. Too much “noise” on Facebook A personal opinion as to what is ‘noise,’ builds the social and corporate spirit of the club
15. Can Facebook info be synced to Twitter for non Facebook users
16. No email/text following EGM, if you don’t use Facebook you wouldn’t know what happened In future this would appear in the Newsletter or via a BC email

“What activities would you like to see the club offer or offer more?”

Not prioritised with no. of respondents if more than 1 (216 completed the survey): Present offer fine 32

Club Rides in different areas 2
Velopark Veterans sessions now run on Wednesday 1400h, 2 x per month. Rider training/etiquette sessions(club funded) started in November and will continue toallow all riders to partake
Shorter club runs say 2 hours or early starts with no cafe for those with families 4 Early start rides just started by Mike Dunbar
Saturday rides in same format as Sunday 3 An Introductory Ride is being trialled for beginners
Evening rides (summer) along same lines as weekends 6 2 Chain Gang rides run throughout the Summer
Hard as Nails club rides
MTB club for juniors Club already has a good showing normally taking podium places in XC & CX events
MTB Taster sessions for beginners Haldon is the perfect facility for this, need to gauge interest
More MTB rides 2 Regular Friday eve rides held at Haldon in Winter & often run Sunday MTB or CX from various locations, generally organised through MDCC Cyclocross & MTB Facebook page
MTB Sportive Outline agreement to hold a 12 hour closed circuit event at Haldon, if enough interest could hold events similar to Devon Dirt & Haldon Heroic
More support for race teams
Youth Hostel/weekend away 4 Exford this year, planned again for 2018.
Cycling holidays 3 Brittany 2018(2 trips) launched by the club but might be the limit of what club can organise
Club team entries to Sportives 4 (Happy to pay for the coach 2) Land’s End 100 has runfor at least the last 2 years, budget & organiser capacity does not permit other Sportives
Ride backs/All day rides 11 2 held this year with Looe & ToB ride Velodrome trips 5
Trips abroad for A, B & C riders Brittany 2018 opened up to all ride categories
Training & coaching sessions 4 ( No obligation to race 1) 4 sessions run for training & coaching in Jan & Feb, has restarted November on a bi-weekly basis & will continue as required
Race team rides practising various scenarios 5
Daytime activities for those not working Tuesday & Thursday 0900h rides have run from Abrook for many years
More events for events young people, get out & promote cycling Velopark
TT coaching
Group riding training
Activities not just for E & Social riders Most events are open to all
Bike maintenance skills 4 (Ladies specific & Weekends for those working 1) 3 Bike Maintenance Courses (6 hours) run – 18 people attended, more 2018 if support.
More social events 3 New Member Introduction, BBQ & Treasure Cycle Hunt and Quiz Night all run this year, more to follow
Club Pilates &/or gym sessions
Xmas disco & buffet (subsidised to encourage support

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